Don't Tread on US

UPDATE:  Nov. 29, 2016

The videos that were embedded below have been removed, and I will describe them instead.

I've been seeing a lot of "get over it" posts and "why are people protesting, it won't change anything". My personal favorite is the Regan video of him talking shit to protesters. 

Not to be outdone, there's a pretty terrible video of anti-Trump shit like the kids in Chicago beating that white driver and tagged up CTA busses, which is not ok at all.

Don't, for a second, think there's not terrible shit happening as a result of Nov 9th. 

People have a right to be apprehensive, scared and even ambivalent. People have a right to protest and not do or care for shit. You're not yelling into the void. People listen. People watch and assess. 

We carry on, but we all also live in the same land mass. I'd like this to serve notice to my friends and family on either side of this issue. We can talk about this. We can figure this out.

I have faith in US (see what I did there?)