Changing the World

My heart gets broken on a daily basis when I read the news.  The little guy continues to get ripped off we see injustice after injustice after injustice pile up and yet the sun still comes up the next day.  I’m still a husband, father to a rambunctious 3 yr old and soon-to-be father to a baby boy.  There’s still so much to live for, right?  We can only affect those around us, in our own world.  

The bedrock principles I base my life, and I know many others do, are 3 tenets:  mental, emotional and physical care.  It was out of emotional care this podcast came to be.  

This post is dedicated to our guests whose ideas, professions and passions are quite literally precepts to changing the goddamn world.  We want our show to dispel myths, highlight people doing extraordinary things and experts in their respective fields professionally or otherwise.  

Personally, when Itzi stated that the CumbiaSazo dance party, “...was beautiful, healing and needed.”  I’ve never had someone say something that’s ever resonated with me on such a, dare I say, emotional level.  It made me think back to our other guests who are working on changing their own little piece of the world.  It’s one of the healing aspects this podcast, selfishly provides me.  Take a look at the playlist below, and get an idea of how they affect the world in their own way.  

Shout out to:  Iceberg/ Itzi/Backspace/Ana/Expo Collective/Liz/Louise/Nick/D Schweickwart/Roy/Jen/Tatyana/Scott/Sam/Bruce