The Time is Nigh

I was reminded today why we work to put our show on the interwebs, because a colleague asked what our show is about.  One of the recurring themes of the show has been that regular people have passion.  Those passions have to be articulated, and we (as IN us and our listeners) learn from them.  We’ve learned what drives someone to run into burning buildings, how peace circles help inner city kids in Chicago, how our friends make music, hating Christmas music is justifiable, the spirit world is real and the immigrant dream is still alive and well amongst a plethora of other fascinating details...The beauty of the podcast is that we have the perfect excuse to reach out to friends, semi-strangers and strangers increasing the degree of separation, thus our universe is expanding.

Speaking of expanding...we’re ecstatic over the new site, our upcoming guests and recently added co-hosts:  O, Eric and Brad.  It’s an exciting time for us as we start to focus on fine tuning the show for our growing community of listeners.  We’ll soon be adding some marketing schwag that will be released onto the masses as our quest for world domination will soon begin.  Help us by providing feedback, downloading episodes, rating us on iTunes/Stitcher, buying some merch or by suggesting people who should be on the show.  Reach out to us via email, Twitter, Facebook or the comments on the site.

Be Part of the IN crowd, because you certainly don't want to be left out.