What's in it for me?

Dear chingons y chingonas,

The other day I was updating my LinkedIn profile, and it was the first time that I added podcasting as a job description.  What the hell does that even mean?  It means that my co-host, Rob and I converse a lot.  It means that we put a lot of effort into scheduling guests, editing audio (Rob's the maestro), drafting web pages (Rob's the web nerd), creating social posts, analyzing web traffic and developing a pipeline of guests.  Additionally, we collaborate.  We collaborate via the cloud.   

Why?  Because it's an outlet.  I saw a psychiatrist for about a year, and it became obvious that alcohol and drugs (both legal and prescribed) just weren't an option.  It turns out, I'm not a writer.  I have a face for radio.  I also have a lot of crazy thoughts that just don't stop running around my head.  My mind races with things that interest me on a visceral and intellectual level.  What better way to address all of it than by having a platform to speak on some shit and podcast away?  Why the fuck not?