A New Normal

We’re normalized. I never really knew what that meant until the last couple years. It’s like saying “alt-right” instead of white supremacist so that it sounds less fucked up. Or, boys wear blue, and girls wear pink.

We’re just used to it, and don’t question things no matter how fucked up it is. I imagine that’s what happened at Penn State, even during the rumors of the Sandusky ordeal. I imagine that happened all the time during old school Catholic parishes during the time of the scandal.

Am I normalized? Yes.

January 22nd made me realize what my new normal is.

That Sunday we had a condo house warming party where about 30 of our close friends stopped in to hang out. It was an amazing time. There were a lot of people of different background all under one roof. There was a lot of great conversation. There was a lot of good food. There were libations, and the kids were playing their little asses off.











It turns out that there were 2 dudes who wanted to rob a jewelry store in the middle of the fucking day at a mall. See here for specifics

My mom and dad were at the mall, minding their own business, and while they were hiding I received the text pictured above.

I like my violence. I like sanctioned violence. I don’t like senseless violence, and that’s exactly what that was. There are no words to describe how sad, helpless, scared and angry I felt in the first minutes of my realization of what my folks were going through.

I spoke to my mom on the phone a little after they were on their way out. I could hear the police sirens going the opposite direction down I35 towards the mall.

There was a brave individual who lost his life trying to stop the gunman, while yet another armed individual shot one of the assailants. I’m saddened by the loss of life.

Ultimately, there were 5 people injured. I wonder how the person who took the life of the gunman feels now. That person had a concealed carry so it was legit as far as I know. I already know the obvious argument, “it was good they were armed otherwise more people could have been hurt…”

What about the other argument? Why the fuck should anyone be armed in the first place? How does the good Samaritan feel? Are they OK? Do they really understand, and feel any of it?

Have you, the reader, ever heard veterans talk about taking a life? Check this video out. I think you’ll be surprised by the variety of answers. On Killing:

The scene of a busy mall makes me think about a city in the midst of a theater of war unbeknownst to it’s inhabitants.

This is the new normal. We love our guns.

Not to be outdone, Chicago has such a rich cultural history. One can listen to almost any music and find genuine cuisine and celebrations of diverse cultures. Except, the parking meters, red light cameras, the CPD black sites and the citie’s obvious segregation of the west and south sides all are hidden when you see the beautiful lake front. Yet, somehow, our president believes sending in the National Guard (whom he has also talked about cutting their budget).

We are not at war domestically, no matter what the NDAA says the federal government can do. Take a read at former Federal Prosecutor’s, Zach Fardon’s, resignation letter.

Chicago’s gun violence was it’s worse last year, and we seem to be on pace to surpass that for 2017.

Chicago’s inhabitants are not enemy combatants.

We love our guns. In my city, the wrong people get a hold of guns.

Back in Texas my mom confessed to me how it was difficult for her to be around crowds. Makes sense, right? My dad...he’s a pretty stoic individual, and I know he’s alright. Surprisingly, they were back at that very same mall a couple weeks after. I’m impressed by people’s resilience, but this is the new normal.

I’m saddened by this.

Those 2 jagoffs made their choice, but somewhere along their respective lives they became broken. What else could possess people to rob a mall jewelry store in the middle of the goddamned day? I’m not talking about being strung out on drugs. I’m talking about the choices that led up to such a desperate act.

We’re so divided now, but, we have to listen to what’s going on. This supercedes the recent election and it’s promises. Our streets are not war zones, but depending on where you look, they could be.

I’m asking for everyone to listen. Is this the new normal we want?

As a founding member of this podcast I want to command you all to observe, listen and lend an ear or a hand. We're all in this together, and need each other, unsurprisingly.

New Year, New Us, are you IN?

As we take on a new year, Intellectual Nonsense also plans to take a new direction. We've had so many discussions, heard countless stories, and forged new friendships along the way.

This podcast has taught Gabe and I so much, and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you Christina Elizabeth Rodríguez, Brad Repplinger, Eric Knight for being apart of our Journey.

So here we go 2017..... New format, still bringing you the content you know and love. Still with the same voices tickling your ear each episode (it's an ASMR thing).

We're excited to bring you some new changes.. So tune in listeners.. Peace and love to you all

Don't Tread on US

UPDATE:  Nov. 29, 2016

The videos that were embedded below have been removed, and I will describe them instead.

I've been seeing a lot of "get over it" posts and "why are people protesting, it won't change anything". My personal favorite is the Regan video of him talking shit to protesters. 

Not to be outdone, there's a pretty terrible video of anti-Trump shit like the kids in Chicago beating that white driver and tagged up CTA busses, which is not ok at all.

Don't, for a second, think there's not terrible shit happening as a result of Nov 9th. 

People have a right to be apprehensive, scared and even ambivalent. People have a right to protest and not do or care for shit. You're not yelling into the void. People listen. People watch and assess. 

We carry on, but we all also live in the same land mass. I'd like this to serve notice to my friends and family on either side of this issue. We can talk about this. We can figure this out.

I have faith in US (see what I did there?)

First Time

I just turned 38 and just voted for the President of the United States for the first time in my life. It was anticlimactic. I do feel relieved. I voted independant. 

I abhor the electoral college and will never understand why a country like ours does things just because that's the way things have been before. I mean it makes Iowa into something it really isn't.

Can you believe we've actually seen a presidential candidate get the popular vote, but not the electoral votes?

My vote was merely symbolic and I've only recently come to terms with it. 

If we see the glass ceiling shatter or a real life oompa loompa win, the same type of candidate will begin a four year term

Our work has only begun. 

The Dominican Experience

Evening chingons y chingonas,

A couple days ago we had the pleasure of speaking to a MKT class of a former guest of ours and former professor of mine, Dr. David Aron.  First, walking through such a beautiful campus was very nostalgic for Rob and I.  Second, we were twice the age of the students in the class.  Third, no one fell asleep and I didn't catch anyone too involved in their phone or eye rolls.  Lastly, it was really interesting to explain our show.  If this was earlier, for example, shows 1 - 10, it might have been difficult to articulate answers to their questions.  

Here's a snippet via some instagram...

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What's in it for me?

Dear chingons y chingonas,

The other day I was updating my LinkedIn profile, and it was the first time that I added podcasting as a job description.  What the hell does that even mean?  It means that my co-host, Rob and I converse a lot.  It means that we put a lot of effort into scheduling guests, editing audio (Rob's the maestro), drafting web pages (Rob's the web nerd), creating social posts, analyzing web traffic and developing a pipeline of guests.  Additionally, we collaborate.  We collaborate via the cloud.   

Why?  Because it's an outlet.  I saw a psychiatrist for about a year, and it became obvious that alcohol and drugs (both legal and prescribed) just weren't an option.  It turns out, I'm not a writer.  I have a face for radio.  I also have a lot of crazy thoughts that just don't stop running around my head.  My mind races with things that interest me on a visceral and intellectual level.  What better way to address all of it than by having a platform to speak on some shit and podcast away?  Why the fuck not?

The Time is Nigh

I was reminded today why we work to put our show on the interwebs, because a colleague asked what our show is about.  One of the recurring themes of the show has been that regular people have passion.  Those passions have to be articulated, and we (as IN us and our listeners) learn from them.  We’ve learned what drives someone to run into burning buildings, how peace circles help inner city kids in Chicago, how our friends make music, hating Christmas music is justifiable, the spirit world is real and the immigrant dream is still alive and well amongst a plethora of other fascinating details...The beauty of the podcast is that we have the perfect excuse to reach out to friends, semi-strangers and strangers increasing the degree of separation, thus our universe is expanding.

Speaking of expanding...we’re ecstatic over the new site, our upcoming guests and recently added co-hosts:  O, Eric and Brad.  It’s an exciting time for us as we start to focus on fine tuning the show for our growing community of listeners.  We’ll soon be adding some marketing schwag that will be released onto the masses as our quest for world domination will soon begin.  Help us by providing feedback, downloading episodes, rating us on iTunes/Stitcher, buying some merch or by suggesting people who should be on the show.  Reach out to us via email, Twitter, Facebook or the comments on the site.

Be Part of the IN crowd, because you certainly don't want to be left out.